Welcome to Arbor Park Middle School .  My name is Arturs Bareikis and I am Physical Education teacher. This will be my first year as a teacher at Arbor Park.

I am looking forward to bring my experience as a teacher and athlete to our community.  I have traveled to more then 30 countries to participate in athletics. During that time I have seen PE programs around the world and now I am able to bring my expertise and create an amazing Physical Education program at Arbor Park. Our goal with new administration and new teachers is to provide an outstanding quality Physical Education Program that excels on daily basis.



I welcome all parents and students to the new start at Arbor Park. We want our cummunity to become healthy and fit. As a teacher I will do everything in my power to provide students with information they need to live a healthy life. Together we need to take time and approach human health with high importance. We need to be healthy individuals, and shift our focus on being healthy.

Contact Info artursbareikis1@gmail.com

Here is my Syllabus for my gym class.


Daily Personal Fitness Program

As of 2017 all students focus on on being able to jog minumum 5 minutes a day and do push ups, core and many more exercises.
Also my classes play handball, basketball, and we go to fitness center and advance our fitness levels every week.
I welcome all parents to please check this website on weekly basis for any upgrades details.

Quotes of the day 

" The ultimate responsibility to learn is with the student"
" No one ever drown in her own sweat"
" Winning doesnt always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before "
"  You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation. "
  1. " always appreciate your wife and mother"


    "It is always very important to be a positive person"


    "Nothing is more important then your character"


    " Great things take time and patience"


    " Always have a dream and always have guts to go after it"


    Giving is amazing!


    It's better to help others then yourself!


    Family is the most important part of your life!


    Live a life with no regrets!


    Mistakes are the best because you have a chance to improve!


    You are rich as long as you are happy!


    Decide who you want to be!


    live in the moment !


    Are you enjoying your life or just getting by?


    Actions speak louder then words!


    Go and create your future and dont wait for miracles!